Community Church of Taichung (CCT) was officially formed on November 8, 1992, when its predecessor, the Taichung Community Chapel (TCC), identified and ordained Elders to lead the planting of CCT. For approximately fifteen (15) years prior to this, TCC was a vibrant fellowship of believers comprised of students, missionaries, and other English-speaking ‘expats’ working and living in the greater Taichung community. After operating for approximately 18 months with shared bi-vocational leadership, in June of 1994, CCT called one of their founding elders to be the full-time Pastor, charging him with preaching the Scriptures and shepherding the church body. Over the years, the Lord blessed CCT and it grew to become a vibrant body of believers growing in the Word, loving one-another, and reaching out to the local community.

After twenty-seven (27) years of continuous and faithful service, CCT's pastor approached the leadership of the church in January of 2022, and informed them of his decision to retire when they were able to identify a new man to assume his responsibilities. A transition team was formed and, after identifying their priorities, embarked upon a year-long search, seeking the Lord’s will and evaluating different candidates. Toward the end of this time, CCT extended a call to Steve Smith to lead the congregation. Pastor Steve accepted CCT’s invitation, and with his life and ministry partner, Katie, was installed in January of 2023.

Upon Steve’s acceptance, Pastor Chuck was able to retire from active service, with the words well done good and faithful servant ringing in his ears. In May of 2023, Chuck and his wife, Darla, permanently relocated to their home in King, North Carolina where they are becoming involved in their local church and enjoying the slower pace of retirement.